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The Dhalla Group is actively involved in the real estate sector, specializing in both commercial and residential properties. Our diverse portfolio includes owning and managing numerous plazas in Winnipeg and creating vibrant commercial spaces. Additionally, we maintain strategically located corporate offices in Ontario, contributing to efficient business operations.

In residential development, the Dhalla Group has undertaken projects spanning the USA and Canada. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the quality and innovation embedded in each residential venture.

Furthermore, our real estate holdings extend to prestigious properties such as the Ritz-Carlton in downtown Toronto. This prime asset underscores our dedication to acquiring and managing premium properties, reflecting our pursuit of excellence in the real estate industry. The Dhalla Group takes pride in its role as a key player in shaping dynamic and high-quality spaces for both commercial and residential purposes.

With a belief in philanthropy and giving back, the Dhalla Group is proud to have its generosity felt by many individuals and charitable organizations, including women who are victims of domestic violence and those who struggle with mental health challenges.


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