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The vision of the Dhalla Group is driven by its founder, Dr. Neil Dhalla, whose life inspiration came from the Sikh faith: "Maan Neeva and Maat Uchi" – to live life in humility, without ego, and life philosophy came from the book "The Secret" – "Ask for it. Believe it. Receive it.".

Healthcare Excellence

In the healthcare sector, the Dhalla Group is known as a pioneer with a focus on health, wellness, and healthcare. It has garnered a reputation as one of Canada’s leading-edge healthcare providers with multidisciplinary clinics, pharmacies, medical supplies, and telemedicine health services. The Dhalla Group is proud to provide healthcare services to the First Nations and support those who suffer from addictions.

Real-Estate Excellence

The Dhalla Group is actively involved in the real estate sector, specializing in both commercial and residential properties. Our diverse portfolio includes owning and managing numerous plazas in Winnipeg and creating vibrant commercial spaces. Additionally, we maintain strategically located corporate offices in Ontario, contributing to efficient business operations.

Hospitality Excellence

In the world of hospitality, we stand tall with immense pride as the stewards of premium properties across the United States and Canada.Our portfolio features iconic brands that travelers and guests trust, including IHG, Marriott, Quality Inn, and more. We believe that the heart of any great hotel lies in providing excellent service, and we’re committed to delivering exceptional experiences in a variety of locations.

Vision Passion Purpose. Vision Passion Purpose.

Vision Passion Purpose. Vision Passion Purpose.

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